Tony Bell….T Bone

Guitar / Vocals

I started playing guitar when I was 11yrs old and by the time I was 13 (1962) I had got together with some school mates and formed a Band called “The Teen Beats”. I played Lead guitar and we played mostly Shadows covers and a few of our own compositions. Ultimately I got itchy feet and wanting to better myself musically, moved from Band to Band looking for more of a challenge.

I also started learning Bass Theory and at age 16 (1965) I turned professional joining The Eduardo Jaime Trio at Durban’s Top nightspot, The Causery, at The Edward Hotel. This gave me a really good grounding in Playing Latin American  and Jazz. I also learnt to Play Conga’s and Percussion. I toured with the Band for 1 year and on Returning to Durban was asked to help form local Band “The Vogue”. These were exciting times, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the rest of the British Music invasion was making waves !! We we’re a great Band, playing Beatles, Stones and Hendrix covers.

2-minThe South African Army soon put an end to all the Fun and I was called upon to do my military service….bugger !! I had to put my Pro music career on hold…….

One thing led to another and I got Married in 1969 and never went back to playing pro until 1988.

I did however play for many “Weekend” Bands during this period including……..

Sugarspoon, The Generation Gap (With Dennis East), The Vic Ellis Collection (I Played Drums}, Feelings and “Take Two” with my good friend Nick Potgieter (sadly no longer with us). Another good friend, Dennis Crook (A fine Drummer) was also in the Band.

3-minFrom 1988 to 1993 I toured the South African Hotel circuit doing residency Jobs as a “one man band” using Midi backing tracks and of course Playing Guitar again. In 1993 I decided to Immigrate to the UK ( I have dual nationality anyway) and I did a stint on North Sea Ferries playing as a “one man band” again.

In 2006 I was a founding member of Eastbourne Band “The Blues Kings”. The Band broke up when I moved to London in 2008. While in London I depped with several Bands including “The Shakey Vick Band” and was also a founding member of “The Goodtime Blues Band” and “The T Bird Rockers”. I also depped with HOWLIN’ BLUES

playing Guitar, Bass and Drums.

In 2011 I returned to Eastbourne and formed (along with Terry Mabey and Bruce Harding) “POWERHOUSE”.  After a year of Battling the “System” for gigs we decided that Powerhouse should give up the ghost and out of the ashes emerged “The Southern Blues Kings”. Bruce decided to pursue other projects. I decided to return to playing guitar and with the inclusion of the brilliant Jim Leach on Bluesharp and Vocals and Tomas Siroky on Upright Bass, THE SOUTHERN BLUES KINGS were ready to Rock !!

My Gear….Guitars



Roland Blues Cube Artist
DV Mark “Little Jazz”
Roland Blues Cube “Hot 30”
Fender Mustang III