THE SOUTHERN BLUES KINGS style of music is influenced by West Coast Swing, Jump, Chicago Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll, Funk and Jazz !!  The Swing and Jump that we play draws it’s influence from the Big Bands of the 1930’s and 40’s and the Blues we play is influenced by the Chicago Blues and Delta Blues masters and everything in between !!

In December  2013, Tony, Terry and Bruce Harding decided to put their former Band, POWERHOUSE, to bed and after a good night’s sleep it woke up fresh and invigorated and with new purpose !!

KaPow !!! The Southern Blues Kings were born. Now, all they needed was a Killer Harp Player / Vocalist and they would be complete.

Along came Jim James !!     Now they were ready to Groove !! Like with all bands, members come and go….time for a game of musical chairs !

Bruce decided to pursue other interests and has since left the Band. Tony has now left his Fender Bass in the cupboard and taken up the “Guitarist” post and Tomas Siroky has now joined on Double Bass. At last !! a proper Blues Band lineup !! With Terry and Tomas providing a solid Foundation and “Engine Room” for the Band, it gives Tony and Jim the freedom to express their virtuosity, of which they have plenty !! The Boys provide an energetic mix of up tempo material, suitable for Blues lovers, Jivers, Lindie Hoppers, Toe Tappers and Listeners alike.

They might throw in the occasional mellow number which will allow you to catch your breath…….but then you’re off again !!

Playing a mixed bag of Swinging songs from Hollywood Fats, T Bone Walker, Louis Jordan, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Little Charlie and the Nightcats, William Clarke and many others,  THE SOUTHERN BLUES KINGS will soon have you  Jumpin’ and Stompin’ your feet !!


As time goes on everything changes. We are now performing as a three piece. Jimmie has decided to pursue other interests so has left the Band. We will still be playing Jump, Swing and Chicago Blues but we will be expanding our repertoire to include more Jazz, R&B, Rock & Roll, Soul and Funk.

We are currently working on a new album of original songs so there are exciting times ahead.
We will soon be coming to a Town near you !!   YOU WILL DANCE !!
Watch this space for the ongoing story of The Southern Blues Kings !!