GREEN CADILLAC (2017) - The Southern Blues Kings

We released this album at the biginning of Summer 2017. Many hours were spent in rehearsal and recording studios to bring you our original music composed by Tony Bell and arranged by The Southern Blues Kings. Here you'll find 9 songs in styles ranging from Chicago and Delta Blues to Jump, Swing, Rock & Roll and Blues Rock. 

  1. Barking up the wrong tree
  2. Jumping with my baby
  3. Shut that door
  4. Green Cadillac
  5. Waiting for my baby
  6. Chills me to the bone
  7. Don't do it
  8. Ain't got no money
  9. She's driving me mad

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The Southern Blues Kings (2016)

The Southern Blues Kings (2016) - The Southern Blues Kings

We recorded this album mainly to keep memories alive and for Promo and also to sell at gigs. Time is flying and our band has changed. On this CD you'll hear the original Southern Blues Kings when we played authentic Chicago Blues, West Coast Swing and Jump Blues with ex-member Jim James on Blues Harp. 

  1. Caldonia
  2. Alright OK you win
  3. Can't keep it up
  4. Humbuggin' me
  5. Bloodshot eyes
  6. Juke
  7. Come on home
  8. Little girl
  9. My babe
  10. T Bone Shuffle

PRICE: £5 
+ delivery

When you buy both CD's you'll pay just £8 + delivery!!